ライントレーニング vol.3

Sports Multiply

Line Training 公式 facebook ページ; Single Line Basic 全6種(約4分11秒) Running Man 2 - 1+2 - 2 Mountain Side Step Single Hop Slalom Hakkyoi Triangle

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    ライントレーニング vol.2

    Sports Multiply

    Line Training 公式 facebook ページ; Single Line Basic Footwork 5種(約2分40秒) facebook ; Single Line Basic 全5種 Side 3 Step Forward Crossover Backward Crossover Forward Switch Backward Step Back

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      Dr.F's The Secrets Of Top Fighters Part 1


      Dr.F's Fighting Festival in HK 2015. regular price 3121JPY (about 27.5USD,24.34EUR,17.35GBP,199.56HKD) ↓↓↓ opening special price 1999JPY (about 16.46USD,15.59EUR,11.11GBP,127.81HKD) The represent of Society of fighting medicine.He is a certified sports doctor of the Japan Medical Association. A member of the Japanese Society of Clinical Sports Medicine and the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine. Part-time teacher in Teikyo Science University. He learned karate from 8 years old at Shotokan.and began Yoshukai fullcontact karate & Judo training in junior high school. During his high school era, he achieved his 2nd dan black belt and his coach qualification from Yoshukai. At 17 years old,he became a member of Japanese team competing in the Japanese-American karate championship held in Panama City. After high school, he joined Kyokushin-Kaikan and set up a Kyokushin-karate activity club when he was studying medical doctorate degree in Kochi Medical School. During this peroid, he also won the West Japan Byakuren-Kaikan karate open tournament. In order to fulfill his passions in medicine and combat sports, he moved to Tokyo and trained under the 2 times Kyokushin-Karate world Champhion Tsukamoto Norichika and also Dr.F fought in Kyokushin tournaments.He became the first doctor who got champion of Kyokushin Jonan Branch twice,and Kyokushin Karate Fukusima Open tournament.Also he fought in All Japan weight tournament,during doctor resident. After taking sports doctor qualification, he began to work as a ring Doctor of Rings,Kyokushin,Jujistu,and many more. He was also top fighter’s team doctor of K-1 veterans such as Nitta Akeomi, Takayuki Kohiruimaki , Virgil Kalakoda; PRIDE veterans Gary Goodridge; Female kick boxing champion Gracyer Aki and 2 times Kyokushin-Karate world champion Tsukamoto Norichika (ShinKyokushin-Kai),and more. His wisdom and hospitality have been enpowering the fighters. Dr. F holds seminars around the world in order to share linkage between combat sports and medicine where he gained from his high intensive works as a sports doctor and a passionate martial artist.His major works includes "Junior Combat Sports Budo Safetly Improvements Manual book", "kinematics of Combat Sport of DVD1 ,2,3&4", "KO's AnatomyDVD facial chapter" and "KO's AnatomyDVD body & lower part chapter.” “KO sand bag ”.Dr.F’s Fightolgy will open the door of your possibility.

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