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1.For registration

Membership is free?

Membership is free.
Even after the member registration, it takes only (25% of the amount excluding the settlement system commission from the sale price) video sales commission.
However only those who have selected the paid account plan will be required monthly fee.

Registration confirmation email doesn't arrive.

Please check the following.
・E-mail address registered whether accurate.
・Depending on your email software you use, there is the thing that registration confirmation e-mail is allocated automatically to the trash folder.
・If you wish to register e-mail address of the mobile phone, We would like a domain designated reception set so that you can receive necfru.com domain.
・Depending on the Internet service provider you use, that the mail does not reach there. Please contact the provider.

Do I need to register a credit card or bank account information?

Not need. but If you sell the videos, you need to receive revenue. Please register from here a Paypal account of your. (need to login)

Forgotten password.

Go to the login screen, click the 'forgot your password?',
please send enter the registration e-mail address. We will send you a password by e-mail.

What is Account Plan?

Free plan has been applied to everyone membership registration, but you can not upload videos of more than the total capacity 1GB as long as it is free plan.
If you want to up videos of more than 1GB, or if you want to video streaming in HD quality, you will need to change to a paid account you.There are three plan to pay account plan.

Basic Plan - The video streaming in quality of 640x360 (px). Videos of 10GB total is up possible.
Pro Plan - The video streaming in high quality of 1,920 × 1,080 (px) and 1,280 × 720 (px) . Videos of 50GB total is up possible .
Business Plan - The video streaming in high quality of 1,920 × 1,080 (px) and 1,280 × 720 (px) . Videos of 100GB total is up possible .
Learn more about Account Plan (need to login)

How to close account.

Please log in, and go toMy Page→ Account Settings

2.For sale video

Can users viewing the sample before buy?

Users can watch the sample videos for free. When you up the video, you can choose the time of the sample from 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes. Time that you have selected from the beginning of the video, becomes the sample videos users can watch for free.

The video is not to be sold what?

You can not sell videos which is in violation of necfru Terms, which is against the law, which is adult videos, which is against law, which contrary public order and morals.

Please see necfru Terms of Use for details.

Is there a limit to the capacity and the length of the video of one?

There is not.

Can I upload video from smartphones and tablets?

The OS and the browser of many types of is not able to respond, it can not be uploaded from smartphones and tablets now.
Please upload videos from your PC.

Recommended aspect ratio of the video?

We recommend 16:9. It is adjusted to the 16:9 black bars (letterbox) is added automatically when is the ratio of the other.

Supported formats of video?

It is also possible to upload (. Mp3,. Acc) audio file.

To whom the rights of the video belong?

Right belong basically to video creators, but please up the video to confirm enough that it does not infringe the rights of others.
Please seenecfru Terms of Use for details.

What is the attachment file features?

It is possible to attach a PDF file at the same time as the video up. Viewers can download the video after purchase.
please use as a benefit to the buyer and a detailed description of the video.

3.For sale

Sales commission take?

Video up is free. Only when the video has be sold, 25% of the Amount minus the payment system commission from the sales price will be charged as a fee.

Is there a limit to the number of videos for sale?

No limit

Is there a limit to the selling price?

Please set at 100 JPY(about 1$) or more.

Is it available for sale to other than Japan?

Yes. Please sell all over the world.

How can I set a regular monthly sales of the video?

Make a list of videos here. and you set the price here. (need to login)

4.For payment methods

What payment methods are used?

You can use the settlement Paypal, credit card(VISA,MASTER,DINERS) and Bitcoin.
In addition, You can use the mobile carrier settlement only smartphone in Japan agreement. Bitcash is an electronic money, which is sold at convenience stores in Japan are also available.

What is the Paypal?

It is one of the payment system, which is the most used in the world. Is available in countries and regions of more than 190, corresponding to 25 currency.
Such as the registration fee is available for free, it will be available for purchase in the information of only e-mail address.About Paypal

When will I receive my revenue?

Month-end closing, payment end of month after next.I will pay to registered Paypal account.

Fee does it take to receive the revenue?

You must follow the terms of the Paypal. For Paypal fee

Minimum standard amount of revenue is paid how much it is?

Will be paid total sales is equal to more than 1,000 JPY. If total sales of less than 1,000 JPY, will be carried over to the next month and up to one year.

When I do is deducted 25% sales commission?

At the time of the transfer to your Revenue.


I would like to paste the video to homepage.

There is a button that says 'embed code'
under the video description of the video viewing page.
If you can paste it to websites and blogs, you can sell and stream in the page.

Is there a subtitle function and translation function?

(English ⇄ Japanese ⇄ Chinese) feature there switch the language that is used in the interface, but the description of the video and the video title, and user name is displayed as it is the thing which has been registered, automatic translation is not. The subtitle is attached automatically to the video is not. Those who want to sell to people overseas video, please support yourself.

I would like to stop the sale.

The process goes to Posted videos page of my page after logging in, please click on the 'private' button of the movie you want to stop selling. New sales will be stopped, but users that remain in the viewing period already purchased can watch without any problems.

I want to remove from the site videos for sale.

The process goes to Posted videospage of my page after logging in, please click on the mark 'Trash' of movie you want to delete.
You can not delete if you have users that remain in the viewing period purchased. The sales suspended in that case, please remove users who have left the viewing period has completely evaporated.

The buyer has already, video not set the viewing period be deleted?

Can be deleted. But it is with the mechanism that can not be removed for 30 days since it was purchased last. The sales paused Therefore, please delete it after 30 days or more.

After I closed the account, can user watch the video that I have sold in the past?

After you close the account, the videos you have uploaded until now are stopped selling, and all will be deleted.
However, You can't close the account If you have user that have viewing period yet.

It would sell videos violations, I Some buyers already, but I have been removed.

Video contrary to the convention will be deleted by management company regardless of any reason.
Management company will give a full refund to the user that remains of the viewing period.

Please tell me the size of the Background image and User Photo

I have been recommended User Photo104 × 104 (px), the Background image1084 × 299 (px).

The recommended use of the environment necfru.

For viewing this video, we recommend the following environment.
・OS:Windows、MacOS、iOS、Android、Latest version of each
・Web browser: InternetExplorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari , Latest version of each
・When it is used in the PC, please download and install from here the latest version of Flash Player.
・Please enable JavaScript.

Is it possible to contact directly towards the buyer?

It is possible if you can use the message function. Contact is possible all at once My page menu 'message' to the buyer of the video that it has sold and those who interact in the past.

It is not possible to up the video results in an error.

Please check the following: If you can not up, regardless of format is also not wrong.

・Check the video and audio codec of video is not intended to be special.Corresponding codec is here .
・Upset Site Connection, Upload regulation, of the provider side
・Upset line environment. In the case of wireless connection in particular.
・As a measure of communication cut off by security software, please try the following.
・Compressing video. Or to reduce the video storage is divided into several video.
・Post a networked environment of another
・If you are using a wireless connection, to post it after the wired connection. Or to move the PC near the wireless LAN router.
・Let go of the distance from electrical appliances near the PC and router

How to register a category of own channel?

Please log in, and you can choose from the 'Channel Category' in the bottom of this page .