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1.For registration

Membership is free?

Membership is free.
Since then, We don't have any fee other than the video.

Registration confirmation email doesn't arrive.

Please check the following.
・E-mail address registered whether accurate.
・Depending on your email software you use, there is the thing that registration confirmation e-mail is allocated automatically to the trash folder.
・If you wish to register e-mail address of the mobile phone, We would like a domain designated reception set so that you can receive necfru.com domain.
・Depending on the Internet service provider you use, that the mail does not reach there. Please contact the provider.

Do I need to register credit card information?

Not need.

Is it possible to edit the information that have registered?

Please log in, and go toMy Page→ Account Settings

Forgotten password.

Go to the login screen, click the 'forgot your password?', please send enter the registration e-mail address. We will send you a password by e-mail.

How to close account.

Please log in, and go toMy Page→ Account Settings

2.Purchase of video

What Can I use payment methods?

You can use Paypal, Credit card(VISA,Master,Diners) and Bitcoin.

What is the Paypal?

It is one of the payment system, which is the most used in the world. Is available in countries and regions of more than 190, corresponding to 25 currency.
Such as the registration fee is available for free, it will be available for purchase in the information of only e-mail address.About Paypal

Commission paid will it take?

We don't get the commissions. We don't have any fee other than the video.

Is it possible to buy the same two videos?

Viewable period as long as the remaining, you will not be able to buy more than once the same videos on one account.
It is possible to buy any number of times if the video after the viewing period is over.

Is it possible to cancel the video ?

Features Up can watch the video immediately after the purchase, you can not cancel it if you have to buy once.

3.For viewing of video

Can I watch the trial?

All videos you can watch free as a sample of 30 seconds-5 minutes of head.

Can I watch video in smartphones and tablets?

If Android or iOS (all versions) , you can watch in smartphones and tablet.
(May not be available Android devices that have been customized by the manufacturer or model.)

Can I watch the video immediately after the purchase?

It is viewable immediately after purchase.

Can I download videos?

If allowed video , it is possible from the download button on the viewer page .

Can I watch semi-permanently video is no setting viewing period?

As long as the person who posted the video is not deleted, you can watch permanently.
Viewing period is guaranteed for 30 days for a minimum even when it is deleted.

Video does not play.

If there is no problem in the network environment of the use, there is a case to be solved by changing the browser or to changes to the system requirements below.

The recommended use of the environment necfru.

For viewing this video, we recommend the following environment.
・OS:Windows、MacOS、iOS、Android、Latest version of each
・Web browser: InternetExplorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari , Latest version of each
・When it is used in the PC, please download and install from here the latest version of Flash Player.
・Please enable JavaScript.


What is attached files?

Video seller, taken in conjunction with the attached is a PDF file that is associated with the video.
It is possible that you see to download after purchase of the video.

I can't download the attached file in Android and iOS.

Because attached files are zip system, application that can download a zip file is required.

What is a following?

If you follow the video sales user, you will receive notification automatically when the user has started selling a new video.
Be overlooked the latest videos will have no you.

What is a embed code?

By pasting to other web sites embed tag was obtained from video viewing page,
you can watch the video on the page.

Do you wanna see a list of movies you have purchased?

Please log in, and go toMy Page→ Purchased Videos

Who was up the video seems to have closed account. Can not watch videos of that person?

If not yet purchased, you can not purchase and viewing.
If video remaining watched period purchased, you can watch from the purchased video page after login.

The video I purchased have been removed .

The video has been removed because it may be contrary to the terms.
If the video have viewing period yet is removed, a full refund to the buyer from necfru.

Can I contact directly to seller?

It is possible if you can use the message function. You can send 'send a message' from the button near the icon of the channel page and the video watch pages.
Or to videos seller you bought and people you have contact in the past, You can send is in the My Page from 'Messages'.