What's video market platform "necfru" ?

Anyone can sell and purchase a video, it is a completely new, video sharing website. 

Characteristic of necfru

Even if you wanted to buy and sell a video, there was only method by DVD or the data downloading so far.
But the person who purchased it when it is it cannot carry it and is bulky.
It costs trouble and an expense for the one to sell, and what is copied is scary.
In necfru, You can start sale immediately just to upload a video and can watch the video which You purchased with a PC, a tablet, a smartphone from anywhere.
necfru offers such a new "video buying and selling experience".

Want to sell your videos

necfru is something like "sellable Youtube".
By the free sign up in e-mail address or Facebook account, You can start salling video immediately. There are not the troublesome contract and examination.
Even if you have already sold a video in your website or other market place, You can acquire more fans by picking you up on necfru which is a platform.
Don't you sell your video to many people in positive value?
Sign up and sell a video

Wants to purchase the video which is not sold in other places

In necfru, There are many valuable videos you can't buy in a major store or website.
However, there is not the video which is available anywhere including a hollywood movie and the overseas drama.
You may find artists and creators of the yourself preference that you were not able to know so far.
The purchase is possible from all over the world.
In necfru, Don't you obtain the precious video which is not sold elsewhere ?
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