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akihic☆彡、SHINTARO、SHINSUKE、TOYOTAKA、RYO、YASS、gash!の7人からなる音を視覚で魅せる最強HIPHOP集団Beat Buddy Boi

DANCE@LIVE、DANCE@HERO、DANCE DELIGHTなどのビックイベントでも輝かしい成績を収め、ストリートダンスの限界を超え、新たなエンターテインメントとして昇華。

またストリートダンス史上初、単独ワンマンLIVE「BBB SHOCK LIVE」を開催し1000人以上の観客を動員した。

akihic☆彡, SHINTARO, SHINSUKE, TOYOTAKA, RYO, YASS, and gash! -
embodying the music, these seven dancers make up the strongest HipHop
team, Beat Buddy Boi.

akihic☆彡, SHINTARO, SHINSUKE, TOYOTAKA, RYO, YASS, and gash! - are a
performance team. As if they were playing the music from their own
bodies, their rich imagination never fails to enchant the audience.
With a brilliant record from performing at big events like DANCE@LIVE,
DANCE@HERO or DANCE DELIGHT, they burst through the limits of Street
Dance with their tight routines - a must see.
They were the first performers ever to have a one group live street
dance show (BBB SHOCK LIVE), mobilizing more than a thousand people.
Not only in Japan, they continue to be highly popular all over Asia -
and not only in the Street Dance scene.


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